Capabilities Statement

A) Technical Considerations

1A. West-Mark manufactures various products to meet customer driven specifications. We can manufacture a unit to meet the demands of Military requirements.  Our catalog demonstrates with photos and brochures that we have the ability to be not only competitive but responsive to a customer driven set of specifications.


2A. West-Mark’s greatest asset is to be able to adapt to our customer’s needs and requirements.  In our catalog and photos you can see the diversity of our engineering group and our flexibility to modify our base models.  Literally a picture is worth a 1000 words.  Any modifications made to our base models would be minor.  If we need to engineer from the ground up, our PD&I (Product Development and Innovation) team of experienced engineers, sales engineers, and production staff will easily be up to the task.  West-Mark’s core values are Innovation, speed, best value to customer and Integrity.


3A. West-Mark engineering group uses 3D CAD modeling by Inventor.  Our Engineering group uses FEA (Finite Element Analysis) software to test all new designs before release to production.  West-Mark has a complete cad-cam (computer aided drafting-computer aided manufacturing) system for fabrication along with numerous sheers, rolls, presses, machining lathes, etc…  The core of our 50 years of experience also is the back bone of our company’s evolution into building rugged/severe service equipment.  West-Mark has been manufacturing tankers for the Alaska haul road and the North Slope (Prudhoe Bay) for many years.  We have also delivered fuel tankers to numerous African countries, most European countries, Japan, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc…


4A. West-Mark is compliant and/or certified with several industry standards for quality, safety and integrity of the tank manufacturing processes (or as required by customer specifications).  We strictly follow ASME procedures and are re-qualified every three (3) years by an outside QA inspector as part of our QA process. 

We meet or exceed the following applicable specifications and certifications:

  • ISO (International Order for Standardization) 9001:2015

  • NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) 1901, 1906, 407, 385

  • ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

  • National Board of Pressure Vessel Inspectors “U” and “R” stamps.

  • AWS (American Welding Standards) D14.3/D14.3M:2010-AMD1

  • 3A Sanitary Standards

  • DOT (Department of Transportation)

5A. West-Mark qaulity program is ISO-9001 certified and has a complete QA (Quality Assurance) program (West-Mark Quality First Program).  It requires ALL Equipment be TESTED before it completes the final QA testing and inspection process.  This testing includes hydro-testing of tank, electrical testing, pneumatic testing, hydraulic testing, pump testing, etc.  This process is Standard Operating Procedure for documentation and certification of the completed units.  Any additional testing that we are unable to perform can be subcontracted to NATC (Nevada Automotive Test Center). 

B) Production Considerations

1B. West-Mark’s main factory and fabrication facilities, have the ability to expand and contract production rates based on demands for completed units.  We are constantly adding in new equipment and processes to increase volume and flow of our production lines.  West-Mark utilizes production lines and cell manufacturing to optimize flow to obtain the most economical production rate in the shortest lead time possible to meet our customer’s needs.


2B. West-Mark’s normal production lead time for projects is approximately 120-150 days for the delivery of our first production unit.  This time frame includes the customer review and approval of drawings/plumbing schematic’s/etc.  For our past contract for TACOM-FMS (W56HZV-11-D-G-208), we were able to design, engineer, and build the first order of 40 fuel trucks and deliver the first unit in 90 days ARO. We completed this 40 refueler truck delivery order in 120 days.  As is normal for all quality manufacturers, there would need to be a “ramp-up” time to allow a fluid transition in building the tanks.  If there is a requirement for first article testing, the ramp-up time for full production may add a little time to the process. 

3B. West-Mark’s factory (built in 2000) is located in the City of Atwater, California. Atwater is located in Merced County, California which has one of the highest unemployment rates in the valley.  There is a tremendous untapped, trained work force available to us.  We currently are operating a single shift and have the ability for quick growth when needed.  At the start of the TACOM-FMS contract (W56HZV-11-D-G208) we were able to double our factory work force in a matter of a few months. West-Mark also has additional facility space on our current property for future growth.


C) Logistics Considerations

1C. West-Mark has created technical manuals for several of our contracts along with training videos for customers overseas.  Currently we have individuals that work full time producing customer specific and vehicle specific manuals and training tools.


2C. West-Mark generally never uses any special tool or test equipment. We try to always use COTS (commercial off the shelf) items.


3C. West-Mark’s standard policy is to supply complete BOM’s (Bills of Materials, part numbers, descriptions, etc.), Operation/Maintenance/Technical Manuals, and Engineering Drawings with each unit.  It is normally included in our standard pricing structure for all commercial, GSA (General Services Agency) and DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) programs.


D) Business and Contracting Considerations


1D. West-Mark is a Certified Small Business; we currently have just over 200 employees.  We are certified as a small business with all our current DLA and GSA Schedule Programs.


2D. West-Mark’s Corporate CAGE code is 1HJ27 and Manufacturing Facility code is 880W5.  NAICS Code: 336212, 332312, 332420, 336999, DUNS # 046002887


3D. West-Mark’s factory (built in 2000) is located in the City of Atwater, California.  Atwater is located in Merced County, California which has one of the highest unemployment rates in the valley.  There is a tremendous untapped, trained work force available to us.  West-Mark also has additional facility space on our current property for future growth.


4D. West-Mark will happily accept a firm fixed price-IDIQ type of contract.  We have and are currently working on contracts in length of 5-years with additional option years. If there is a need to fulfill an 8a requirement West-Mark has the avenue to fulfill that need as well.

Lastly, all drawings, pictures, and information supplied with this request are considered to be proprietary and shall not be released to the public without the written consent of West-Mark Management (Scott Vincent or Chris Portmann).  We can be reached by phone at (800)-692-5844 or (209)-537-4747.  We can also be reached by email: or